Rarity Category 1: Control of a Capital City

Level 1 : Samurai in the service of the Capital

Rarity Category 1: Control of a Capital City

Level 2: The clan leader who owns the capital city

Rarity Category 2: Control of a Country

Level 1 : The knight who serves the Country

Rarity Category 2: Control of a Country

Level 2: The king who owns the country

Category 3: Control of a Planet

Level 1 : The decision maker of the possible actions on the Planet

Category 3: Control of a Planet

Level 2: The title holder of the Planet

What is Lust Of Power ?

A collection of 816 NFTs based on the Polygon blockchain.

3 categories of rarity, each with 2 sub-categories of rarity.
The rarer the token the more your thirst for power is satisfied, indeed rarity shows your power and the number of possession shows the extent of your control.

One goal is to be the most powerful in the world.

Introduction of the ROADMAP

Our token allows you to gain a sense of power and control, while creating a hierarchical system based on NFT, where everyone could give up their place to anyone who wants to become more powerful. Lust Of Power was created out of a love for power, the virtual power that NFT technology and its intellectual property allows.

Pre-launch phase

January 2019

Brainstorming on a passion project by integrating NFT technology.

May 2019

Preparatory project of artistic and technical research.

February 2020

Creation of NFTs.

October 2021

Creation of the websit.e

Available in FR & EN.

Bug fixes.


Creation of the discord and the Twitter.
Marketing development.

Novembre 2021

Organization of a discord and twitter contest.

Reward the TOP 3 sharing project, NFT Award.



Launch of the collection on OPENSEA.


Contest : send the NFTs.


Creation of the online store (possibility for the Holders to buy their NFT really, with a certificate and a serial number).


Unveiling of the Ultimate NFT surpassing the entire Lust Of Power ecosystem.


Auction of the NFT Ultimate on OpenSea.

United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

Unicef is an association working internationally. Its goal is to support children, to ensure them a financial and intellectual future. These volunteers give their heart and soul to accomplish this mission with bravery. Despite the help of the volunteers, this kind of association needs financial support, donations are essential for their action.

The youth must be taken seriously, indeed, they are the future of our world. It is important to accompany them in this phase of mental and physical construction. To be able to do this completely, money is important and allows a better help.

That's why Lust of Power wants to participate in this important work. Childhood is a phase where every thing can change their future, bring something positive in their life, will allow them to evolve in the best circumstances. Lust Of Power is committed to donate 5% of the profits once the 100% of the collection is sold. We don't stop there, a special edition UNICEF NFT will be created and auctioned on Opensea in the Lust Of Power collection, the final price of the sale will be 75% to the UNICEF association.

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Frequently asked questions

A total of 816 unique NFTs were created.

You can purchase our NFTs only from the OpenSea platform.

The confirmation speed and low transaction costs make the Polygon blockchain the one that best meets our needs today.

This is a unique project with a limited number of NFTs, allowing for greater rarity. In addition, you will notice that we have launched several communication campaigns on different networks such as Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. You will also notice that the community of collectors continues to grow, proof that you are not alone in your belief.

This online store will allow you as Holders to order your NFT in real size to be able to display and show it to your family, friend, colleague, conquest, etc. In fact, it will allow you in addition to displaying it digitally to actually display it. This work will be provided with a certificate of authenticity with a Lust Of Power seal and a serial number present on the certificate as well as on the work. This work can be resold at the same time as the resale of your NFT. The purchase will be reserved for holders of an NFT Lust Of Power. So owning an NFT Lust Of Power gives you the privilege to make a purchase from this store. The owner of the NFT Ultimate will be able to purchase his or her own work of art, which will be much larger in size and created by a recognized artist revealed at the time of the purchase request.

The Ultimate NFT is not yet revealed to leave Holders with a sense of suspense, and to keep the momentum of envy in the community.

Since this NFT is much rarer than the others, we will let the community set the price.

We took all this time to study all the technical possibilities and artistic to satisfy our Holders to the maximum. Each NFT is created by hand, we do not use any tool/software that will randomly generate the NFTs. Each step of the project is made and followed meticulously, thus guaranteeing a perennial and serious project. Our Holders are dear to us, so it is our duty to satisfy them.

We are working on a website, which will display a map of the world and space in real time, this map will be updated regularly and will show on each capital, country and planet the current holders of the NFT Lust Of Power by integrating their twitter account, discord, other social network or even their website. This will not be useless, because depending on the level of rarity, the Holders will be able to integrate a bigger and bigger ad that everyone can see. Example promote your website, Instagram, YouTube channel, business or many other things.

UNICEF helps children all over the world, especially on a psychological and material level. Children are our future. It is important to allow them to evolve positively, to develop their potential to the maximum.




Founder of the project Lust Of Power,
Talented artist,


Co-founder of the project Lust Of Power,
Technology developer,