United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)

Unicef is an association working internationally. Its goal is to support children, to ensure them a financial and intellectual future. These volunteers give their heart and soul to accomplish this mission with bravery. Despite the help of the volunteers, this kind of association needs financial support, donations are essential for their action.

The youth must be taken seriously, indeed, they are the future of our world. It is important to accompany them in this phase of mental and physical construction. To be able to do this completely, money is important and allows a better help.

That's why Lust of Power wants to participate in this important work. Childhood is a phase where every thing can change their future, bring something positive in their life, will allow them to evolve in the best circumstances. Lust Of Power is committed to donate 5% of the profits once the 100% of the collection is sold. We don't stop there, a special edition UNICEF NFT will be created and auctioned on Opensea in the Lust Of Power collection, the final price of the sale will be 75% to the UNICEF association.

Proof of donation will be posted on our website in the UNICEF Action section after the objectives have been reached.

This action is very important to us, beyond our work, you have the possibility to participate in their action by making a donation, to do this go to the site:

Together let's help the next generation. With your investment in the Lust Of Power Collection, you are also contributing to a good cause.